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Menarom PEC has the full capacity and availability to respond to various other special requests, based on the projects of the beneficiaries, such as applications in the following fields:

  • metal works
  • mechanical machining (machining, forging, heat treatment, etc.)
  • machining of electrical equipment (cabinets, desks, panels, etc.)
Hydro-pneumatic equipment

Hydro-pneumatic equipment for a wide range of manufacturing mechanisms and industrial robots.

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Electrical stations and switchboards

Electrical switchboards, automation switchboards, industrial switchboards, internal service switchboards for high voltage substations.

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Menarom PEC is having an extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of winches

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Marine Deck Equipment

Marine Deck Equipment for the shipbuilding industry

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Metallic structures

We execute, we deliver and we assemble a wide range of custom engineered metal structures for unique and specific civil or industrial applications

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Mechanical processing (CNC)

Mechanical processing on automated controlled machine tools as well as using classic techniques namely turning, milling, grinding and casting

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Mechanical equipment

Equipment for various industrial processes having as destination the endowment of the steel works industry

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We ensure through our collaborators the fast and timely delivery of our products.

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