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(Menarom PEC are deplina capabilitate şi disponibilitate de a răspunde la alte cereri speciale diverse, având la bază proiectele beneficiarilor, precum aplicaţii din următoarele domenii:

machining of
electrical equipment


We have the best team of professionals able to complete any project.


We ensure through our collaborators the fast and timely delivery of our products.


Do you have a question? We are at your service.



Menarom PEC is having an extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of winches

The winches produced by MENAROM P.E.C SA are constructively diversified, being composed of the following elements:

Reducer – consists of a closed welded housing, inside which the gears run, they are immersed in an oil bath for proper lubrication and cooling. The reducer is provided with an oil filling and drain plug. To check the oil level, the gear unit is equipped with a visor.
Chain wheel (slip) – intended for the maneuvering anchor with a bridge with or without a bridge (DIN 766) consisting of a compact welded construction, it can be operated with a coupling with crabs or, in the case of diesel winches, with friction couplings.
Anchor drum – intended for anchoring using steel cable. In this case it is necessary to keep at least three safety turns. Tearing the anchor will be done on the first layer, so it is very important to determine the correct length of the cable.
End drum –is intended for maneuvering with the help of nylon rope, for the safe performance of the maneuvering operation being necessary at least three turns wound on the drum.
Belt brakes – are provided with metal strips lined with friction-resistant ferrule. They can be with vertical clamping rod, but there are also situations where there is not enough space, so you can use banded brakes with horizontal rod; As an option, these brakes can also be equipped with a pneumatic cylinder for remote control from the wheelhouse, a system designed for emergency release of the brakes.
Deck mounting system – can be with supports with the base plate welded on the deck or with supports with the sole for assembling the winch with screws on the deck. The winches can also be mounted on the pedestal, for easy transport and mounting on the deck.
Defroster – this is an option for chain wheel winches, to avoid chain locking.
Drive motor – can be electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and DIESEL. In the case of electric actuation, marine electric motors with brake with protection degree IP56 are used (TENV – without fan, with natural cooling). They are designed so that for two minutes it can work in the overload required to pull the anchor. If the winches are intended to be mounted on ships carrying explosives the engines may be anti-ex. The electric motors used for these winches can be one, two or three speed. In the case of hydraulic motors, the speed is adjusted by its drive system.
Cable winding system – intended for maneuvering winches with high storage capacity where a correct placement of the turns on the drum is required. Emergency manual actuation – is a manual actuation system with lever and ratchet for raising the anchor in case the power supply system fails.
Ratchet system – designed for maneuvering winches if you want to be treated with a static force greater than the holding force of the belt brake. The system consists of a ratchet fixed on the deck where the ratchet wheel is fixed on one of the walls of the drum.
The winches can be certified by most first class naval classification companies: GL, BV, LRS, DNV, ABS, RNR, etc.


Marine Deck Equipment for the shipbuilding industry

River winches, with electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or DIESEL drive
Marine winches, with electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or DIESEL drive
CPW type manual coupling winches
Chain stops
Roller edging nostrils
Anchor keys
Other deck mechanisms: deck cranes, cranes, dashboard cranes, etc.


We execute, we deliver and we assemble a wide range of custom engineered metal structures for unique and specific civil or industrial applications

Having an experience of over 40 years in this field, Menarom PEC SA Romania executes, delivers and assembles custom metal structures a wide range of metal structures, for various civil and industrial applications, in “tailor made” regime.


Menarom PEC SA Romania offers professional solutions for your investment. Our specialists are at your disposal regarding the choice of the technical solution, the design, execution and assembly of the required metal structure at the highest quality and accuracy standards. We are an ISO 9001 certified company and we have state-of-the-art technological lines that allow the execution of a diverse range of light metal constructions.


Menarom PEC SA Romania has its own design office where a whole team of technical staff with extensive experience in this field works. The design is made with the help of the latest versions of design software with which we can make metal structures with low metal consumption and lower default costs.

We can make and provide at the request of our customers a three-dimensional simulation of the future metal structure in each phase of the project. The design is made according to the Norms and legal requirements in force in Romania, each metal structure being accompanied by all the documents and approvals necessary for the implementation on the Romanian territory.


Corrosion protection is carried out in accordance with international standards for sandblasting, priming and painting for effective protection of steel, all delivered materials being accompanied by a quality certificate. They can also be protected by galvanizing on request.

Menarom PEC SA Romania ensures the installation of metal structures with the help of a qualified staff and through the acquired technical support.


Construcţiile metalice sunt recomandate datorită calităţii materialului de bază, oţelul, din care sunt fabricate în comparaţie cu materialele convenţionale:

Greutate redusă – Structurile metalice au cea mai bună proporţie între rezistenţă şi greutate
Reciclabil – Oţelul este 100% reciclabil, în procesele metalurgice specifice se folosesc min. 25% oţel reciclat
Neinflamabil – Nu arde şi nu contribuie la ardere în caz de incendiu
Anorganic – Nu este influenţat de către organisme: mucegaiuri, rozătoare sau alte vieţuitoare.
Stabil – Structurile metalice îşi păstrează dimensiunile şi nu se contractă la variaţii de umiditate şi temperatură.
Design – Se pot obţine foarte uşor structuri drepte, colţuri perfecte
Structurile metalice sunt avantajoase şi datorită:

Preţului redus în comparaţie cu construcţiile clasice
Termenul scurt de execuţie


Mechanical processing on automated controlled machine tools as well as using classic techniques namely turning, milling, grinding and casting

The presented product list is a non-restrictive range, being an extract from the company’s offer, including those items that are currently executed, based on regular orders received from the company’s main customers.


Equipment for various industrial processes having as destination the endowment of the steel works industry

Expandable mandrels
Guide rollers and „S” rollers
Straightening machines, pressed rolls of metal strip
Runways, planetary gearboxes and normal gearboxes
Gears with cylindrical and bevel gears adapted to the request of the beneficiaries